About Rook

At Rook, we believe the value in your transaction belongs to you

That’s why we've built the Rook Protocol: An open, transparent, and distributed MEV marketplace that captures a transaction's maximum value and hands it back to those who have the right to it.

This marketplace provides the fundamental architecture to allow DeFi to fulfill its promise of building a financial infrastructure that can outcompete TradFi, while maintaining the ethos of DeFi.

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Tracked users

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The team building the Rook Protocol is Rook Labs

Rook Labs is led by co-founder & CTO Joey Zacherl -- founder of the first market making bot on Ethereum, Volleyfire -- and comprised of top minds from DeFi, technology, research, and finance with backgrounds from Google, NASA, UBS, Citadel, Gemini, Apple, Shopify, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and Imperial College London.

Rook’s advisors and research partners are some of DeFi’s earliest pioneers and innovators in MEV, including Nathan Worsley, Imagine, SiegeRhino, and AZ.

Logos of Rook team members' credits: Citadel, Gemini, Pimco, Google, NASA, Apple, Gartner, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, UBS, Shopify, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

Rook is backed by the best in DeFi

All smart contracts have been audited independently by Quantstamp and PeckShield, with additional audits conducted by samczsun.

Core Tenets

The core tenets that drive everything we do


Value belongs to those who create it. Without users, applications, and protocols, there is no network. Profit shouldn't come at their expense, and they should be entitled to the maximum possible returnable amount of surplus value that their transactions create.

Forward Thinking

Our contributors work to solve challenging problems that few have faced and to take DeFi and web3 into a better future. We have a strong vision, but we know that the landscape could look entirely different in a year, so we're agile enough to adapt to whatever the future has in store.

Public Good

Rook’s operational goal is to reduce the information asymmetries that redistribute value away from those who create it by transforming MEV and other extractable forms of value into a public good. The Rook protocol identifies and realizes value, and the DAO governs and sustains the resources necessary for the protocol and its stakeholders to succeed in Rook’s overall mission.


We win by coordinating, not by extracting. Rook is oriented to coordination by design; this design in turn incentivizes more participants, which only strengthens the competitive markets at the heart of our transaction engine. As a provider of transactional infrastructure, we also grow our network and its benefits by coordinating through strategic integrations with leading projects in DeFi.

Our team

The amazing team behind Rook Labs

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